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November 9, 2009
9-1-1 Emergency Service

ATIA-1c 9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting Service

May 16, 2007
Access Services

ATIA-4m Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2+ (ADSL2+)

July 27, 2005

ATIA-7e Specific AIN SS7 TCAP Protocol

Sept. 22, 2000

ATIA-7d  Advantage 800 Call Detail Service

Sept. 15, 2000
Dialing Plan Services

ATIA-3m  Introduction of Toll-Free NPA Code 855

May 5, 2000
Access Services

ATIA-4l  Documentation Update for Centrex IP Disclosure

April 27, 2000
Access Services

ATIA-4k  Megalink™ PRI Service - Island Telecom Inc.

April 26, 2000
Access Services

ATIA-4j  Centrex IP

Jan. 20, 2000

ATIA-7c  Toll-free Call Detail Records

July 31, 1998
Access Services

ATIA-4i  Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) - NewTel Communications

July 8, 1999

ATIA-7b  Visual Call Waiting (VCW)

June 10, 1998

Dialing Plan Services

ATIA-3l  10 Digit Global Title Translation (GTT) Service

Access Services

ATIA-4h  Megalink ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
- NewTel Communications Inc.

June 2, 1998
Access Services

ATIA-4g  Megalink Release Link Trunk (RLT) - NBTel

April 27, 1998
Dialing Plan Services

ATIA-3k FG-D Carrier Identification Code (CIC)
and Carrier Access Code (CAC) Formats

Dec. 22, 1997
9-1-1 Emergency Service

ATIA-1b  Province-Wide Enhanced 9-1-1 Service
- Maritime Tel & Tel

Nov. 24, 1997
Dialing Plan Services

ATIA-3c  Number Portability Database - Island Tel

ATIA-3d  Number Portability Database - MT&T

ATIA-3e  Number Portability Database - NBTel

ATIA-3f  Number Portability Database - NewTel Communications

ATIA-3g  Introduction of Toll-Free NPA Code 877 - Island Tel

ATIA-3h  Introduction of Toll-Free NPA Code 877 - MT&T

ATIA-3i  Introduction of Toll-Free NPA Code 877 - NewTel

ATIA-3j  Introduction of Toll-Free NPA Code 877 - NBTel

Oct. 17, 1997
Access Services

ATIA 4d  Megalink ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) - NBTel

ATIA-4e  Megalink ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) - MT&T

ATIA-4f  Megalink™ Withdrawal of Previously Issued
Disclosure Documentation

Sept. 19, 1997
9-1-1 Emergency Services

ATIA-1a 9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting Service (PERS) - NBTel

Sept. 10, 1997
Access Services

ATIA-4c  Documentation Update for Megalink Disclosure

May 23, 1997

ATIA-7a  Message Waiting Indicator Tone

April 11, 1997
Access Services

ATIA-4b  Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) - MT&T

Mar. 25, 1997

Dialing Plan Services

ATIA-3b  Electronic Directory Database Access (EDDA) Service

Multimedia Services

ATIA-6a  Network ComputerTM (NC) Service

Jan. 20, 1997
Card Services

ATIA-5b  Calling Card 0+900 Access

Jan. 16, 1997
Card Services

ATIA-5a  Calling Card Swipe Mode Access ("Card Swipe Access")

Dec. 16, 1996
Access Services

ATIA-4a  Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) - NB Tel

Nov. 13, 1996
Dialing Plan Services

ATIA-3a  Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) Format

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