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Network-to-Network Disclosure

July 27, 2005

No. ATIA-7e


Specific AIN SS7 TCAP Protocol

Aliant Telecom Inc. announces the publication of Aliant Telecom Industry Document ATID-0011, Specific AIN SS7 TCAP Protocol Network-to-Network Interface.

This Document specifies the technical requirements for interfacing an AIN Service Provider (ASP) network with the network of Aliant to provide the interconnection required for specific Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) functionalities using the facilities of Signalling System Number 7 (SS7).  The term AIN in this document refers to the AIN 0.1 and beyond. Conformance to the requirements specified in this document is intended to ensure acceptable interoperability.  Interoperability is the ability of an ASP AIN Service Control Point (SCP) to exchange AIN messages with an Aliant AIN Service Switching Point (SSP), and control the operation of the SSP within the limits made possible by the AIN protocol as further qualified by this interface specification

Compatibility Impact:

None expected.


ATID-0011, dated July 2005 can be downloaded from the Aliant website at no cost.

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