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March 25, 1997

No. ATIA-6a (Formerly SIA-6a)


Network ComputerTM (NC) Service

Aliant Telecom Inc., on behalf of the New Brunswick Telephone Company, Limited (NBTel), announces a Network ComputerTM Service trial in Woodstock, NB. Subject to trial results and market demand, commercial service is expected to commence in selected areas of the Province by IIQ97. Further information on this service may be obtained shortly from News Releases on NBTel's web site at

This service will utilize an NCTM server that can be accessed by low cost NCTM terminals via any of the existing means for accessing other Internet resources. The NCTM server incorporates and maintains all of the application programs and data files for users. The service is intended to serve a broad range of users in the residential, educational, and business markets that do not require the complexity of a personal computer.

Compatibility Impact:

Subscribers have to purchase an NCTM compatible terminal available from a number of vendors.


Information on the NCTM concept and reference design can be obtained from the Network Computer Inc. web site at

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