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May 5, 2000

No. ATIA-4l


Documentation Update for Centrex IP Disclosure


Aliant Telecom Inc., on behalf of NBTel Inc., Island Telecom Inc., Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company, and NewTel Communications Inc announces an update to the Centrex IP Interface Disclosure documentation previously provided in Aliant Telecom Industry Advisory No. ATIA-4j, dated April 26, 2000.

The interface between the customer’s LAN and Aliant's network is described in 2 documents:

Nortel Networks document NIS S227-1 Issue 01.01, "Internet Telephony Services Network Interface Specification" dated March 1999, has been reissued due to a name change. NIS S227-1, Issue 01.02, "Centrex IP Services", dated September, 1999 describes internet telephony services and features provided by Aliant Telecom's network.

Nortel Networks document NIS S228-1 Issue 01.01, "Centrex IP Terminal (NTEX00) Network Interface Specification" dated September 1999, which describes the operation of terminal equipment to be connected to the Centrex IP Terminal Proxy Server on DMS switches remains unchanged.

Both Nortel Networks documents NIS S227-1 Issue 01.02 and NIS S228-1 Issue 01.01 no longer require a license agreement. These documents are available in electronic format or in hard copy. We will invoice recipients $150 for each copy of these documents.

For further information on the service and to order documents, please contact:

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