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October 17, 1997

No. ATIA-4d (Formerly SIA-4q)


Terminal-to-Network Interface for Megalink

ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) - NBTel

Aliant Telecom Inc., on behalf of The New Brunswick Telephone Company, Limited (NBTel), announces the availability of clarifications with respect to its previous DMS-100 Megalink interface disclosure.

Compatibility Impact:

None expected.


The interface as offered by Aliant is described in Aliant document ATID-0006, DMS-100 Terminal-to-Network Interface for Megalink ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
- The New Brunswick Telephone Company, Ltd., dated October 1997.  Aliant document ATID-0006 replaces ATID-0002, previously issued on behalf of the Company. ATID-0006 is based on the interface specifications in Nortel Document NIS A211-1, Release 6, dated March 1994.

Recipients will be billed $50 for an electronic version of Aliant Interface Documents, hard copies are also available for $65 each.  Holders of ATID-0002 can obtain copies of ATID-0006 for the update price of $15 for an electronic version and $20 for a hard copy.  Nortel Document NIS A211-1 is available in hard copy for $150 each.  Please note that the prices are subject to change without notice.

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