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June 10, 1998

No. ATIA-3l (Formerly SIA-3y)


10 Digit Global Title Translation (GTT) Service

Aliant Telecom Inc., on behalf of NBTel Inc., Island Telecom Inc., Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company, and NewTel Communications Inc. announces the planned introduction of a service to provide 10Digit Global Title Translations for portable NPA NXX’s to service providers. On receipt of a CMS (specifically Automatic Call Back, Automatic Recall and Screen List Editing) or CNAM (Calling Name database) query containing a subscriber number, the service provides, where supported, a Destination Point Code and optionally, a Subsystem Number that can be used to route queries to a network switch or CNAM database serving the subscriber. The service is expected to be offered by IIIQ98.

The destination point code and subsystem number for final GTT or the destination point code for intermediate GTT identifying the service provider’s switches/databases will be dependent on the correct entry of ported number data via the NPAC SMS and the correct exchange of non-ported number data via the established Industry process.

CMS and CNAM database queries will be dependent on these capabilities being supported by the switches and databases addressed. These capabilities, while dependent on 10Digit Global Title Translations, are external to the 10Digit Global Title Translation service.

Compatibility Impact:

None expected.


The interfaces are described in technical specifications prepared by the Technical Interface Subworking Group of the CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (CISC). The draft technical specifications as agreed to by the CISC TI SWG are titled "Network-to-Network Technical Interface for Local Interconnection - Calling Name Identification Presentation and Restriction" and "Network-to-Network Technical Interface for Local Interconnection - Call Management Features". The interface provided by Stentor's 10Digit Global Title Translation service is described in the CISC specifications. The TI SWG generates updated versions of the interface specification. It is the responsibility of all parties to ensure they are using the most up-to-date version of the specification.

The CISC specifications referenced above are available as MSWord documents

"TICO118.doc " Stentor CMS specification Version 1.1 and "TICO119.doc" Stentor Calling Name Specification Version 0.3 from the CRTC Web Page at:


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