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November 24, 1997

No. ATIA-3h (Formerly SIA-3p)


Introduction of Toll-Free NPA Code 877 - MT&T

Aliant Telecom Inc., on behalf of Maritime Tel & Tel Limited (MT&T), announces the introduction of Toll-Free NPA 877. A previous announcement covering 8xx NPA codes was previously issued in TAPAC Bulletin No. 95-07, dated September 5, 1995. The date of introduction on NPA code 877 is expected to be April 4, 1998.

Compatibility Impact:

As stated in TAPAC Bulletin No. 95-07:

  1. PBX's and other customer premises terminal equipment must be able to dial 877 in addition to 800 and 888, and should accommodate other 8xx codes in the future. The information provided to other carriers for 8xx service will be similar to that currently provided to them for 800 service.
  2. Information such as original dialed number which is passed to the terminal for display or call terminating purposes can also have the format 8xx-nxx-xxxx. This would apply, for example, to BCLID service previously disclosed in TAPAC Bulletin 92-10 (July 20, 1992), and to Advantage 800 Call Detail service previously disclosed in TAPAC Bulletin 95-01 (February 14, 1995). For further information regarding Advantage Call Detail service, see TAPAC Bulletin 95-08, dated September 5, 1995.
  3. Billing and call detail information supplied to customers can also contain 8xx in addition to 800 information.


None required.

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