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November 13, 1996

No. ATIA-3a (Formerly SIA-3a)


Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) Format

Aliant Telecom Inc., on behalf of NBTel Inc., Island Telecom Inc., Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company, and NewTel Communications Inc., announces the planned introduction of a new universal toll free code "800" for UIFN. This code will be substituted for the country code on International Direct Dialed calls. Subject to market demand, this service is expected to be available by IQ97.

The UIFN dialing structure is based on ITU-T Recommendation E.169, and provides a universal format which is distinct from the North American toll-free format. A UIFN is composed of the international dialing code (011 for Canada), followed by the three-digit UIFN code, followed by an eight-digit Global Subscriber Number, resulting in a fixed format, e.g., 011-800-1234-7789.

Other information, such as the original dialed number, will be converted to the format 8XX-NXX-XXXX, and presented according to existing arrangements. This would apply, for example, to BCLID service previously disclosed in TAPAC Bulletin 92-10 (July 20, 1992), and to Advantage 800 Call Detail service previously disclosed in TAPAC Bulletin 95-08 (dated September 5, 1995).

Compatibility Impact:

Calling Line ID display Terminals are not expected to be impacted because the number of digits remains the same and the characters are transmitted in the traditional ASCII format. Calling Line ID for incoming calls will have the format 700 PCC 0155, where PCC is the Pseudo Country Code which identifies the originating Country and Carrier.

Similarly, there is no expected impact on Alternate Providers of Long Distance Service (APLDS). The routing of UIFN calls originating in Canada will be based on existing equal access arrangements with the respective APLDS. The format of the information passed to the APLDS will be the same as that of existing IDD calls.


Additional information on the numbering format may be obtained from ITU-T Recommendation E.169.  This document can be obtained from the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) or from Global Info Centre at 613-237-4250.

For further information on the service, please contact:

Telephony Standards
160 Elgin St., Room 640
Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3J4 Canada
Tel: (in Canada) 1-877-77-TELCO (83526)
Tel: (Worldwide) (613) 781-7393
Fax: (613) 781-1658


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